Bank of Cattaraugus
President's Message

Bank of Cattaraugus has been serving the community since 1882.  It's historic stockholders have provided continuous financial services to the area as private bankers since 1841. Two of our stockholders were cousins to Davy Crockett and Abraham Lincoln. Other famous local stockholders included names like Ford, Kellogg, Borden, and Rich.


This historic Cattaraugus Village was, for several decades, an historic crossroad and our nation's first railroad boomtown! In 1849, Cattaraugus was the last and most labor intensive section of rail line to be completed on the railroad that was being constructed to connect the Hudson River with Lake Erie. In 1851, when completed, this was the longest RR line in the entire world!


There have been few changes in our area, since we incorporated. This is a good thing! The most important thing that has not changed is our commitment to our community.

Now that you have visited our internet site, why not visit us at the bank the next time you're in town? 


We look forward to greeting you,



Patrick Cullen

President and CEO


























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